Mrs. Alvarez was responsible for a range of organizational, representational and management responsibilities focused on supporting the diplomatic activities of the Ambassador.  As such, she conceived, planned and executed events ranging from large dinners and receptions, to lunches, ceremonies, and speaches.  In doing so, she managed six members of the domestic staff, interacted regularly with Embassy and Government contacts, and managed the budget for the household.  Mrs. Alvarez provided oversight and supervision to maintenance and gardening staff, and was responsible for the presentation of the residence and its grounds.

In every aspect of her duties, Mrs. Alvarez was exceptional. Tremendously organized and sensitive to a range of nuances and considerations critical to protocol and diplomacy, Mrs. Alvarez expertly supported the Ambassador.  Despite packed schedules and shifting demands, Mrs. Alvarez was consistently prepared, assured the staff was ready, and developed and coordinated events that were useful and effective.  Mrs. Alvarez proved an adept at anticipating issues and implementing solutions before problems emerged.  Her handling of several potentially problematic staffing situations was characterized by fairness and focus on equitable outcomes and the effective operation of the household.  Demanding yet fair, Mrs. Alvarez established high standards of service and excellence, then helped her subordinates achieve outstanding results.  Largely thanks to Mrs. Alvarez’s insightful and energetic contributions, the household reorganized staffing and established effective inventory controls.  Through it all, Mrs. Alvarez never lost sight of the need to support the Ambassador in representing the United States by creating the most hospitable, gracious and welcoming venue possible.

Fluent in seven languages and at ease with people of all backgrounds, Mrs. Alvarez was an outstanding member of our team.  We would welcome her back, and I wholeheartedly recommend her for any position requiring a focused, determined professional to manage complex demands.  She is a natural leader with an immediately likeable personality able to operate effectively in high-stress, high-profile positions.

Howard Van Vranken

Management Counselor, United States Embassy, Rabat, Morocco

US Embassy Rabat, Morocco